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Heidy Rehman is the founder of Rose & Willard.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur Heidy had a long and successful career in the competitive, male-dominated, corporate world of finance and so understands the importance of being seen, heard and valued.

She appreciates the importance of projecting the right image and believes this can be achieved without compromising individual identity or style. She also acknowledges the confidence, and feeling of inner strength, that can be derived from wearing beautifully-made and carefully-crafted clothes.


Rose & Willard is a slow fashion, award-winning career wear label based in London. They create beautifully-crafted, enduring luxury for the modern, professional, individual woman - a woman who knows what she wants & stands up for what she believes in. Rose & Willard literally means, Feminine & Bold. These words embody the principles, aesthetic and spirit of their brand

Rose & Willard's wardrobe capsules comprise beautifully-designed pieces for career women whose focus is to perform. Versatility and functionality is written into every style. Many of their pieces are easy care - washable and crease resistant and so ideal for business travel and demanding career lifestyles.






The Shirt Company


Donna Middleton has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry. Originally from New Zealand, Donna studied for her BA at London College of Fashion and New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She has worked for global brands such as Karen Walker, Amanda Wakely, TSE and Whistles, before leaving to set up The Shirt Company. Based in East London, Donna now brings her wealth of experience to the running of the business and designing the beautiful and innovative collections which The Shirt Company has become known for.


The Shirt Company is dedicated to producing luxury women’s shirts and blouses. Each collection explores the purity of the white shirt in addition to classic trans-seasonal hues. With an emphasis on creating unique go-to wardrobe staples The Shirt Company promotes simplicity and minimalism in design and living.

Manufactured entirely from fine Italian shirting fabric in specialised European shirting factories, the shirts embody innovation, luxury and effortless style. Combining modern aesthetic with femininity each seasonal range showcases intricately designed blouses accented with pin-tucks, frills, ruffles and pleats


Isabella Oliver


For Baukjen De Swaan Arons, Founder, style has always been important. As her first baby bump grew, she found the transition from her pre-pregnancy to pregnancy wardrobe left her personal style and taste behind. It was Baukjen’s belief that pregnancy clothes should be fun and enjoyable that gave her the inspiration to launch her own fashion label. She remembers, “When I was pregnant with my first child, I struggled to find maternity clothing that reflected my pre-pregnancy style. Not only did I want clothes that I felt comfortable in but I also that was great quality so that I could wear them time and again as my pregnancy progressed. We did lots of research and I realised there was little out there for women and this is where the inspiration for Isabella Oliver came from.”


Maternity & Beyond

Award winning brand Isabella Oliver, understands that buying a maternity wardrobe is an investment, so they employ clever built-in design techniques to ensure that many pieces in their collection can be worn beyond pregnancy. This includes subtle wrapping and ruching, strategic pleat placements, tucks and gathers. Each detail is carefully and intricately crafted and considered. Moreover, Isabella Oliver's 'Maternity & Beyond' collection is designed to offer women a stylish curation of effortless designs that you'll depend on during pregnancy and love afterwards.


Bianca Elgar


Bianca Elgar is the founder and artistic director. She has always been passionate about art and textiles and worked as a silkscreen printer/designer in her Oxford studio for many years, mainly creating prints for interior design as well as creating her own statement jewellery. 

When she went to live abroad for 6 months, she had to travel light keeping her clothes to a minimum, due to limited space. She decided on her favourite basics, and a variety of colourful scarves and accessories to dress them up with. She was inspired by the opportunity of creating a variety of looks with just a few statement pieces, as well as showing off print in a new way. 

It was really this experience that made her realise how versatile and beautiful these silk accessories are, and this inspired her to start her own business in high quality British made, versatile fashion. 


Bianca Elgar is an award-winning designer of sophisticated fashion and accessories. The collections are centred around transformative, good looking, great to wear, statement womenswear; which includes; versatile scarves, tops, dresses and jewellery.

The collections are inspired by Bianca’s love for creativity, the expression of individuality and a passion for high quality craftsmanship, described simply as: “Wearable Art” statement pieces. The brand’s most unique aspect is its supreme versatility.

The scarves are made using the highest quality silk with deep ink penetration to show off the vivid colours and print designs on both sides of the scarf. Each item is finished by hand. The versatile shapes of the scarves present infinite styling opportunities. The vibrantly coloured or monochrome designs bring a splash of eye-catching silkscreen print art to any outfit.




Baukjen De Swaan Arons is the woman behind the eponymous label, Baukjen. Originally born in Amsterdam, she’s a Londoner at heart - having first moved to the city aged five. After the birth of her first child she launched the luxury maternity brand Isabella Oliver and a few years later Baukjen followed.

"Life is an extremely busy juggling act, it's the same for every woman I know. I couldn’t find a clothing brand that was both comfortable and chic, but also offered women a collection of pieces they could style from desk to dinner. Hence the brand Baukjen was born


A London-based womenswear brand with a single-minded vision: to create clothes that empower and inspire the busy modern woman. From sketch to sample, it all happens in Baujken's London studio. It's a vibrant place, constantly buzzing with activity and inspiration. Timeless, easy and everyday style - this is their forte. The collections are punctuated with cool, classic pieces that are easy to style and combine. Crucially, they don't just design clothes. Baujken designs effortless style. Whatever the season. Whatever your mood.




Jennifer wanted to create a brand of clothing designed exclusively for petite women. She believes that for too long, petite women here in the UK have had a very poor choice available. Jennifer her self is 5'1 and too often the so-called small sizes don’t fit her, either the waist sits too low, the body is too long or the shoulders too wide. 

So, the idea gradually took root that she could do something about it by starting her own brand. Jennifer worked as a lawyer in London at the time, with no background in the fashion business. What Jennifer has created, is built from a real passion to create a solution for women like herself, to design and produce a stylish, versatile and modern collection with elegant petite women at its heart.


Jennifer Anne is a premium online womenswear brand designed and made in the UK exclusively for the petite woman. Their goal is to provide petite women with a wealth of choice in clothes, where they can assume a perfect fit and will find beautifully tailored and classic designs. 

The Jennifer Anne brand uses the petite woman’s frame as the starting point for the design and do not just cut a few cm off the length. The fit is paramount.     The look is tailored and classic, using high quality fabrics. They only use models of 5’3” or under so that customers can get a realistic view of how the clothes will look on their petite frame.