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Isabella Oliver Sizing Guide

Isabella Oliver have designed their maternity clothes in line with your pre-pregnancy clothing size for extra ease, giving you one less thing to think about. Many pieces are infused with their signature ruching and wrapping for a flawless fit at every stage.

Please refer to the chart below for clarification. Simply, take your pre-pregnancy clothing size, and look across the chart to find your Isabella Oliver size. 

So, if you were usually a UK 10 before you were pregnant, just order an Isabella Oliver size 2. Additionally, if you are a UK 12, then our size 3 is for you. 

If you are in any doubt, please check against our measurement chart to find your correct size against your body measurements. Alternatively, you can also contact our customer services team. 


 Clothes Sizing Guide

Screenshot 2018-01-26 21.07.37.png
Screenshot 2018-01-26 21.18.44.png

Expecting Twins?

If you are pregnant with twins, we recommend you go up a size. Therefore, if you were a UK size 12 (Isabella Oliver size 3) before you were pregnant, order an Isabella Oliver size 4. 

Isabella Oliver's Collection is designed to make you feel fabulous throughout your pregnancy.

Baujken Sizing Guide

baujken size 1.png

Baujken Measuring Guide

baujken size 2.png

*All measurements are based on our standard UK size 10, 160 - 165cm, 5'4 - 5'6 customer.


The Shirt Company Sizing Guide

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Jennifer-Anne Sizing Guide


Jennifer-Anne Petite Sizing Guide

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