Rose & Willard - Arval Top

Rose & Willard - Arval Top


This top comes in a rich, weighted and textured Italian luxury fabric. The top is defined by its angularity and paneling. It has sharp V-shape detailing at its neckline and shoulders which serves to lengthen and define the neck and shoulders. It has a seamline which runs just above the dip of the 'V' in the neckline. This seamline extends along the length of each slim-fitting sleeve which gives the impression of more slender arms. On the wearer's right side there is a diagonal seam which falls towards the top's central. Both seams, the overall slim fit of this top and its mid-hip finish work to make the midriff appear narrower and flatter. 

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This top was Designed in England and Made in Poland.

74% Cotton, 26% Nylon.  Dry Clean Only.